Sleepover at Grandmas part 1

This weekend we are spending some time at my grandma's house.
This is so great over there because I get to see Smarties the Bernese Mountain dog, and I can enjoy all the great places that the countryside can offer :-)

But before we go we have to be organized in order to be sure we do not forget anything !

First I have to pack all my stuff ....

Toys, food, leash, TREATS !!

Then I can grab my bag!

I also have to check on cat's food and water and make sure they have enough for one day and one night.
hmmmm... seems ok!

After that I have to go for a little walk to be sure I won't need to go to the toilets while in the car !

Oscar stays behind the window and likes to makes sure I do a quick weewee!

Then we are reaaaaaaaaaady !

shaking paws !

I love cars. Everytime I see Grandma's car (or any car that look like it), I instantly get very excited !!! I am also very well behaved in cars and just like to smell the fresh air escaping from the window ........

hmmpfff nice!

First thing I like to do when I arrive in the little village where Laura (one of my human) grew up is to quickly go for a very long walk !
So we get out of the car and head straight to the countryside bit :-)
But before we arrive there we have to walk in front of all the houses and fences with angry dogs that are barking really loud at me and showing me their teeth and everything... brrr !!! I am not even allowed to answer back and I have to walk nicely as if I didn't hear or see or smell anything... ! Phiuuu not always easy!


And I'm doing quite well ....
And from time to time my humans wipe my slobbers....

oh, please ...

leave me a-loooooone !

Thankfully, we soon arrive to the calm bit where there's no one around and I feel so good ! Nice change after the city and all the cars and people!
shaking paws part 2

I even had the chance today to meet some nice lady cows .....
Oh Mrs, you look handsome but...

.... I like this little one better !

it's coming toward me !

Awwww !

But hey, let's not stay here for too long, you never know what a cow might try to do to you .... ;-)
hurry up please !
I'm goiiiiiiiiiing .... !

Nice shot of myself I think...

Sometimes I even get to go have a sniff of the river

... is it safe ?

Nice place don't you think ?

Omg ... What they'd make me do for a little treat ... :-)

And then comes my FAVORITE time of the walk .... OFF-LEASH time !! Playtime !!!!

here we go!

and we go

and we go !

Awww the joys of a good run !

Let's take one or two pictures before it's (already) the end !

holding my own leash

posing with my human

and ...... my last stick !

See you tomorrow for another post on the rest of my stay at Grandma's ;-)



  1. Hi Lincoln - I'm so happy I found your blog!! I'm sure we're going to be great friends - I don't have many friends in France and I'd love to find out more about your beautiful country!

    What a great walk you went on! Wish I could have gone with you. And you have the most gorgeous face - my human kept going "Aww..." all the time! :-) We especially like the pictures of you havign your slobber wiped - hee! hee! - that happens to me all the time too!

    You are very well-behaved for such a young Dane - I can see that your humans have been very good and spending lots of time socialising and training you - you lucky pup! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. yes, Oscar DOES look a lot like Muesli - they have the same face markings!!

  2. What a super fun sleepover! Thanks for stopping by, we are now following you and hope you will follow us too!


  3. What a wonderful beginning to a weekend away :)

    You look like your having a great time running around - we love the action shots!

    And how exciting you got to meet some cows :D You didn't look that excited about meeting them, which is fair enough, they are pretty big!

    We LOVE cows, they are such curious creatures, even though they don't play with us - we meet some and when we said good bye they started mooing and running up the fence line trying to get us to come back :p

    Looking forward to hearing about Grandma's!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes