One of my human took a great picture of me this morning - I thought you'd like to see it :

So today because I feel reaaaaaaaaaaaally sleepy, I think I am going to talk to you about .... my beds!

The first one is the one I sleep on at night, it is so comfy that you just close an eye and five seconds later you're already deeply asleep! It's my magic bed :

The second one is the "blue" bed... but sometimes it gets pink when my humans decide to change the blanket on the top... I tell you, when it is pink I barely touch it with my butt... urgh ?! - Who do they think I am ? .... I'm a boy and a real one! :

(this is the "day-bed", the one I have to go to when there are people visiting and that I have to be nice. )

And finally ... last but not least ... the sofa bed ! I am allowed on it during the day if I am calm and if I ask properly ( umph... ).
( See Lucille, I have one too - though it isn't only mine and I can't sleep on it at night ... - your humans are WAY cooler than mine ! )

have a nice rest !


  1. Those are some comfy looking beds Lincoln!

    Your so lucky to have 3. We only have 1 each - and we don't even have 1 couch, we aren't allowed on furniture at all! :(

    Lovely photo's you are very handsome!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Hi Lincoln,

    You sure do have lots of beds just like me. I have the new one I got for my birthday, it sort of looks like your big brown bed. Then I have one in the basement that I lay on when mom is down there getting into trouble with her crafting projects and I have a small one in the master bedroom but I really don't use that one anymore since I've been sleeping in the hooman's big bed for quite a while now. How about you do you ever get to sleep with your hoomans? I think since I am old they feel sorry for me so I pretty much get my way these days.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane