Some quotes & a cute video

Today it's been grey and rainy all day, we went for a walk but it was also very windy and I really don't like it when it's windy, it drives me nuts and I went crazy.
Right now I 'm all snuggled up in my bed and I didn't really feel like talking, so here are some quotes me and my humans really like and wanted to share with you:

" Happiness is a warm puppy. " ~Charles M. Schulz

"Dogs are miracles with paws." ~Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

" I talk to him when I'm lonesome like; and I'm sure he understands.
When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat. For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that." ~W. Dayton Wedgefarth

And finally, I leave you with a cute video of me .... :

PS: thanks to everyone who told me they are going to participate to my contest !! I'm so excited about it ! Also, thanks to everyone who's been asking about my ears, I'm getting better !! I have to go back to the vet next wednesday and we'll see if it's definitly over ! Let's cross our paws :-)

See you soon,



French Craze Contest, visit to the vet and sandy picture :-)

Bonjour everyone !!

Today is a big day for me as I'm pleased to present you .... the first contest ever I'm organizing on my blog !!!

So, I have been thinking a lot about what my contest would be about, (and thanks to my dear friends Lexi and Jasper who wanted to learn some commands in French) I have had a great idea !

So the winner will win a special french prize full of surprises :-) !!! The second and third will get a cute postcard of me with a pawtograph :-)

This is what you have to do :

1/ You have to ask your humans if they can take a video of you learning some French commands. It can either be you learning them or you knowing them already, you're free to decide. You don't have to learn them all, of course, it is up to you.
Then you'll have to post it on youtube or on your blog and make sure you send me the link !
Here is a video to help you :

( the youtube link to the video is here : )
Of course, the video is here as an exemple of some commands but you can ask me for more tricks and their translations, so when you ask me another one (for exemple heel , jump, fetch.... I'll make a list just below so everyone can see it.
- light. In French light is Lumière ( loo-mee-air)
- button. In French button is Bouton ( boo-ton )
- kiss. In French kiss is Bisou (bee-zoo)

OR (because we thought maybe your human won't have enough time to make a video or maybe you don't have a video camera)

2/ You have to take a picture ( or two, three .... ) of you wearing something or posing next to something that makes you think about France.
Then you'll have to send it on my email ( or post it on your blog and let me know you've participated !

So let's say I give you 3 weeks to do it, it would mean that the contest ends on the 19th of April !
Of course, if you have any brother or sister they can participate too and make their own video/picture to enter the contest!
What would be great also, if you post your video or picture on your blog, would be to link my blog or put the contest picture above so maybe some friends of you that don't know me will want to participate too !!

So ... Good luck !! I just can't wait to see what you're going to show me !


Also, this has nothing to do with the contest but I also wanted to tell you that I had to go to the vet last saturday.. I spent friday night shaking my head and I could'nt get any proper sleep so I kept waking up my humans... something was wrong :-(
So they took me to the vet and it happens that I actually have an ear infection in both ears, and I can tell it HURTS a lot ! The vet said I was brave even though I had two injections, and MAN! I hate needles :-(

I leave you with a sandy picture of me at the beach the other day :



Spring is in the air !

"Bonjour" everyone!

First of all I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all my new friends for stopping by my blog, saying hello and commenting on my posts :-)

Please forgive any mistakes in my English.... I'm French and I woof French on a daily basis so.... I hope it does not discourage you from reading about my adventures and that you still enjoy them anyway :-)
I'd be more than happy if you have any suggestions about the words I use, or if I make the same mistakes all the time, feel free to tell me!
I'm ready to learn! - and I'll teach you some French in return !

Also, I would love to throw a contest for you my lovely friends - but I'm still thinking about it. But be ready !!!
It would be a great opportunity for the winner to win some cool french doggie toys :-) Would you like it ?

I really don't get what the fuss is about !

Anyway, yesterday I went for my late afternoon walk in the local park near home. The park is quite big though I'm not allowed to go off-leash :-(
I did have a great time though - I had to make my human run with me !

Then we played my favorite game with sticks :

look at my face !

We also found weird benches ....

And human pups from the local school running ...

I even heard a little girl saying " Aw, he's my dream dog ! "

Oh, I do know I'm wonderful, thank you .... !

By the way, Oscar is still home, hasn't found a forever family yet ! It's fine with me as we're becoming great friends!

The only trouble is that he is very VERY talkative at night and keeps MEOWing all the time ...
drives me nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I'm getting tired already ...

See you soon ,



Oh, oh... someone's in trouble !

- You can find a new section just above, with pictures of me as a puppy ! -

First of all, I wanted to tell you something that really annoys me. See, my humans (one of them particularly) always call me "Dobby". As it's not my name and it doesn't mean anything to me, I did some research on the internet in order to find what/who "Dobby" was. And look at what I found:

Isn't it the most uggly creature you have ever seen??
Finally it appears that Ophélie (one of my human) who likes Harry Potter a lot thinks that I look like this uggly thing when I put my ears in a special way.

I absolutely don't know what she's talking about.......

Anyway, today was a difficult day for me because these last days I've spent a lot of time with my humans. But today they had to go outside without me for their "studies", an other thing that I don't understand.
See, when they tell me I have to "study", it means that we do something good: clicker training. It doesn't mean that I have to go outside and leave them. So really I don't get it and I don't like it at all when they leave me all by myself.... even if I know it's not going to last for a verrrrrry long time....

So I have to play without them, but it's a lot less funny ...

It's not because I have two toys at the same time that I'm not getting bored!

Is there some food in it??

Of course, my brother Nounet doesn't want to play with me either.
He never gets bored, he knows what to do :


and so does Oscar :

Thankfully, after a while, one of my human came back... I was acting a little weird and didn't want her to go in her bedroom. But finally when she did, look what she found.............

It's not me, I swear!!

I knew I was in trouble. You can see it when I do my Dobby ears thing, I know something's up. And of course my human made her scary voice at me. She knows that it's not a good thing to be mad at a dog when you just come back home so I didn't get any real trouble or anything, she just told me that I had been really mean and how disappointed she was. And you know it's the worst thing you can do to me because I just hate it when my human turn away from me, it makes me very sad.

Plus, It's not THAT bad after all?....

Because I was upset, I just laid down next to the door, waiting for her to tell me to come and to tell me that I was forgiven...


and she did...
Do you still love me ?

She finally couldn't resist to my cutie face and my sorry look and gave me a great deal of cuddles to let me know I was forgiven...

I won't do it again, promise!



Sleepover at Grandmas part 2

Usually on sundays, I can sleep until very late but today, as I was at Grandma's, I woke up with my humans at 8 o'clock because I wanted to make the most of our last day!!
I love my Grandma, she'd do ANYthing to please me when I make my cutie face so I even get to lay on her sofa (!!!)

Plus she always likes to make sure that I have something to do and don't get bored :

I also get a lot of cuddles and praises (even when I don't do much to deserve it) :-)

Humpf yes right there ! .....

I think I have the most wonderful grandma!

And when my grandma gets busy, my aunt Charlotte comes and takes care of me:

But of course we didn't stay at home all day!! Today was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to go to the "Grimbosq forest" to have a long walk ...

Just enough room for a dog like me

Of course Smarties was here too. She is Grandma's dog and she is 10 years old !

She seems very happy too :-)

This is the part when I need your advice. You see, I really love Smarties and I'm really fond of her, but we have some problems of understanding. She is a bit old and sometimes grumpy and she doesn't like me to sniff her or to play with her at all. It makes me very sad...
Grandma and my humans say she is old and had several health issues lately and so I have to be less "rough" and everything, but it doesn't seem to get any better between us too...

For exemple we can hardly share the same room in the house, Smarties would go and lie down and I would rush to her all the time. Then I'd be told off by my humans and would have to lie down too, but it never lasts for too long... I try again and again and again....... and Smarties does not like it at all.
She never did anything mean to me but she really shows her teeth and bark and growls really loud ( and I don't care about that I keep annoying her !).
Do you have any tips ? Maybe some of the readers of my blog can help me? That would be really nice.

Guess what? In the woods, we met a new friend, a kind of Yorkshire who fell in love with Smarties and kept following us for a while

My humans became a little worried because he seemed lost as no other humans were around and as he was very very dirty. But finally the Yorkshire turned around and went back to his human. So we just continued our walk.
Some more pictures :

Waiting for grandma, grandpa and smarties who are - I have to say - a lot slower than we are !

If you do not hurry up, the night will come before you do !


Haha. Just kidding :-) Actually smarties is not that slow.

What's that strange kind of dog???
Wild boars ? - Smelly !

My favorite thing when I go for a walk is sticks hunt ! It drives me crazy!

First stick, but it's a little too small, don't you think?

Oh this one is better!

or this one ?

Can I take it home?

Pleeeeease ?!

Then, I found the most wonderful thing. A free stick shop!!!

Don't you even think of coming closer, they're all mine!

After all that, it was time to go back home. First, I didn't want to leave because I love the woods so much. But then I had to admit I was a bit tired...just a bit! (check the red eyelids!)

Aren't we home yet?

And finally, when we arrived, I went straight to the bedroom and jumped on my human's bed (!!!) It made them laugh but this is just for the picture, then I had to move and go back to my own bed .... oh dear !

I did not even have any time to unpack my bag............ZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz....

xoxo Lincoln