Sad news... RIP beautiful girl

Yesterday, Ghana's human sent a message to Laura telling her that we were not going to meet up today for our regular sunday playdate as Ghana crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. Ghana was only 9 months old, she had an heart attack.

My humans and I are very sad, and we're thinking a lot about Ghana's humans who had also lost their first Dane, Saphir, last June. Loosing two dogs in less than a year must be very very hard and heartbreaking.

I'm going to miss my beautiful friend. I'll remember the good times we had together.
Ghana's human wrote me a very nice note yesterday telling me how much Ghana loved me and she said she was sure I was her very best friend. That's true.... I never had better playdates than those I had with Ghana. She was just like me.

I'm glad she's got her big broher who will be there to look after her on the Rainbow Bridge. They haven't met yet but I'm sure they're going to be very happy together.
Please, keep her in your thoughts.

Best memories

Take care,


Me, my Toys and I

There's someone new in the house:

His name is Mr Rat 
And I've got lots of other friends...
Here's some of them :

I deserve some more, right ?

Well, I'd better tidy up those ones first

... There you go !!:



French Craze Contest

Bonjour my furiends! 

Remember last year I ran my first French Craze Contest ? Well, the pawticipants were all SO great and it was so much fun that I have decided to do another one this year!

It is quite simple and everyone can participate, dogs, cats … So if you want to enter my contest, and win the big prize, here's what you'll have to do:
  1. Pick ONE french word in the list below (randomly or just because you like it):

    • Joie
    • Tristesse
    • Colère
    • Envie
    • Folie
    • Paresse
    • Amitié
    • Amour
    • Vacances
    • Été
    • L'hiver
    • Jouet
    • Mode
    • Promenade
    • Amis
    • Mer
    • Campagne
    • Nourriture
    • Livre
    • Lunette
    • Sommeil
    • Ordinateur
    • Eau

  1. Find out what is the meaning of the word you picked (you can look on the internet, or in a dictionary for exemple – or maybe ask your human if he knows the translation? )
    Or, you can choose you OWN word/topic that is not on the list, and then go and find the translation in French on the internet !

  2. Think about it, and then take a picture of yourself according to the word/topic you chose. Be creative!

  3. Write the word you're illustrating on the picture - in French! For example, if you chose the word «  Lunette », then write the word « Lunette » on the picture (using an image editor for example).

  4. Send me your entry at (and let me know you did by leaving me a comment – so I can check and make sure I've got everyone's picture).

There will be one big winner, but if you tell your friends about it and we get lots of participants than there might be more prizes which means more winners !!
And - every pawticipant will get his own postcard from France ! 

You have until the 11th of march midnight (French time) to send me your picture ! I'll randomly pick the winner(s) and I'll post all the pictures here on my blog !

I can't wait to see what you will all come up with !



Sunday is my favorite day

I love sundays ... and I love Bordeaux ! I now have soooo many friends here :-)
So let's go for walk !

I'm very happy - can't you see it ? :-)
Meet Gaya, my 4 months old new friend : She's an Atlas Moutain Dog (also called Aidi Dog). Isn't she the cutest ?

 And here is Fidji, the Boxer ! She's 17 months old just like me :


Catch me if you can !
I love meeting new friends. My humans say it's good for me to interact as often as possible with other dogs, different sizes, different breeds, different characters ! (I have some issues when it comes to play with little dogs - I can't control myself and tend to be a real brute ! But I'm getting better !)

Little Stick !

Big Stick !
Stick sharing !

We also do some training ! 

Ok, well .... I'll sit for this one.

I can sit too !
But what I like best is to play ...
Friends !
Love this one !

PS: I'll come and visit your blogs very soon, my human won't let me use the computer as often as I'd like her to, because she says she's busy with school and has lots to do. Ummmmph...

Talk soon!