After all the adventures with Woody that I already told you about, well .... there are more to come!
Yesterday, a new kitty arrived at home.
His name is Oscar, and he was found by one menber of the pet rescue organization four days ago, waiting outside a building, very dirty, starving, and lost! He didn't have any identification. So my humans are looking after him for a while until he finds a great family to live with.
He has just been to the vet and has been sterilised so right now he is still a bit sleepy!

hello !

... meow !

I have been a very good boy. (Tried to) . But cats do no really think to like me at first sight.... ah.... that's ok.... I'm sure he will love me in no time!

Hi Oscar ....

of course Nounet loved him right away !
My kitty brother gets really happy when another cat enters the house!

Right now Oscar is sleeping just behind the sofa. I really hope he will be fine and find a great family as soon as possible, even though I like him being home.
I will, of course, keep you posted on him.

xxxx Lincoln

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  1. Hi Lincoln!
    Just saw you left me a comment on my sofa's post!
    Well of course, you have to talk to your humans. It is the first right you should have been appointed as first thing when you entered in the family!!! But I can see you are not treated badly at all... a part from some public humiliations these unrespectful two-legged give us...
    But they do provide some necessary things to us, so never mind, provided it happens here and there...
    You know, I just found out I have nother friend in France, in Eze, have a look on my blog (cannot remember the blog's name), but the dog's name is Zola, she is a pretty Rhodesian Ridgeback!
    Let's stay in touch!
    Glad to have met you!
    Ciao Lucille

    PS: I would never survive with kitties around... I would tear the house apart... ;)