Dancing and meeting a new friend

First of all, I wanted to show you how humiliated I have been. My humans wanted me!!! Me!!! I was so desperate. And there is more, they took a video... I was horrified when I found out and watched it:

My humans keep telling me that I have to practice because it's very far from being perfect!

After that, I thought I really deserved some quiet time but the worst was coming... Remember when I told you that my relationship with my cat brother Nounet wasn't really easy, mostly because I have a very playful temper and he spends all his free time sleeping? Well my humans came back home with a very horrible present. They kept telling me I had to be gentle and calm but I couldn't control myself, I was so excited!! Then they openned a big mysterious box and there was the most scary thing in it. It was very small and black like me, but it made terrible and scary sounds like monsters do. Then it ran out of its box and hid under the sofa. I was very surprised and my humans were laughing at me.

Then, they explained to me that it was a little cat like Nounet and that he would stay with us until he finds a new familly. It's a very sad story, his human was very very old and had to go in an hospice and couldn't take his cat with him and no one would look after him. Because we are volunteers in an association that protects cats, we were asked to take care of him for a while. So as Woody (that's his name!) was very sad I had to behave and be nice with him. My humans weren't very worried about MY behaviour, because I live with Nounet, but they were wondering if Woody would be scared of me or if Nounet would like him enough to play and be gentle with him. After two days, look what they found:

So everything was really perfect. Even I was gentle with Woody. But one week after he joined our family, a human called us to ask if he could come and see Woody because he would like to take him home with him!!! Of course me and Nounet were mad and we told Woody to hide so the new human couldn't take him away from us:

But finally they found him and the human thought he was very cute and kind (of course he was!!! It's why we wanted to keep him!!!). I was very angry because I knew what was going on and Nounet tried to stay with Woody but the evil human really took him and left our house. Nounet and I spent a long time looking for Woody in the entire flat and Nounet started crying. It was very sad even if my humans told us we should be happy that Woody had just found a new familly where he would be loved for sure. It didn't make any difference as we had decided to be and stay sad in honor of our love for Woody.


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