Busy busy ! Results coming soon !

Sorry everyone the human is veRRRRy busy (with the french accent).

I got all your entries and much more than I had expected ! You've been AWESOME !
I bet you're all very excited to see all of them !

The results will be in shortly, propably end of the week !



Some news

Thank for all the messages I got about Ghanna. Really means a lot to me! I'm thinking about her everyday, she will never be forgotten !

About my French Craze Contest, I have decided I'd leave you 2 more weeks to send me your picture - we've been really busy and realised you might have been too - and the deadline was too close ! So yes, you now have until the 25th of March to enter my contest :-) I already got some PAWESOME entries !

Clik on the picture on the right side of my blog to learn more about it :-)

Also, I must do an update post soon about my behavior as I've been quite great lately and improving a lot on my meeting other dog while on-leash thing ! hurrah !

My humans being verrrry busy with shool ( only 6 weeks left until Uni Year ends ! ), so I haven't been up to much lately. Can't wait for the holidays !

Sunday rest

Closer caption

Do you like the second one ? Haha. Laura says I look silly.

Catch up soon,