Winter is almost here

Hello my furiends,

It is no longer warm outside and winter is getting closer and closer. Three days ago it was still 23°C and my humans were wearing t-shirts outside, and the day before yesterday temperature went down to 5 °C and they had to put big wooly scarves, winter coats and hats! Crazy!

On thursday my humans were going to the restaurant at night so they took me for a big walk around (it's already dark outside at this time of the day now), and we walked and walked for something like an hour and a half. It was very cold outside and I guess I did not really like the sudden change of temperature..

I was sick all night, my tummy was really upset and oops... I did the runny poo-poo everywhere in my room. My humans took me outside but I wouldn't do it outside - and everytime they had cleaned it all in the house I started it all over again. I felt so sorry - they were up from 3 am to 7am that night and well I told them they'd better not go back to sleep and make the most of the day ahead- which they did - but then they were quite tired this evening. Haha. They said it was OK, and that it wasn't my fault anyway. My humans are so cool.
They had their breakfast and as a special treat because I wasn't feeling good they made me stay with them on the couch and I even got a blanket :

I think I do look like something terrible just happened to me, 
don't ya ?
Anyway, I am feeling better today so that's good. We called the vet and she said I should have overcooked rice and overcooked carrots instead of my dry food for a day or two and it worked out very well. 

I also went to the vet about a week ago - I had to have my injections done and my ears checked as I always have repetitive otitis - we had to move to another treatment as the last one wasn't working at all on me.

It was the first time I went to this new vet since we've moved here 3 months ago and I did not need to go and see one before. She is very young and so nice! And guess what ? She is going to get a blue baby great dane sometime around January - that makes 3 great danes living in the same area (as there is Fabiola too - if you can remenber, I already told you about her on an earlier post). We are SO going to rock the neighborhood !

The vet also said that I was very well behaved as I let her check everything without even saying anything - ears, teeth, everything! She thinks I'm a bit skinny though for my height, though I DO eat a lot !

Am I really THAT big ?

About my behavior outside, I am still getting better everyday, though we just went through an horrible time - I was scared of everything again. I think that's kind of typical of Great Danes - Fabiola is just the same. You always have to repeat and repeat things - one day I was walking nicely next to the Butcher shop sign on the street and two days later I couldn't go near it like if it was going to attack me or something (you never know with butchers!).

I also started to get scared again at night time during my walks - even though we still have the same routine and I still got to walk every day when it's dark outside, as usual. 

Worst thing is that I started to get scared of the ..... light fitting in my room. It had always been there but all of a sudden it was like I just noticed it and I can tell you I did not like it at all. Was it really there watching me from the beginning? I started to bark at it and would not sleep anywhere near it. My humans had to spend a lot of time with me showing me the light fitting wouldn't hurt either them or me or the cats. Now I'm OK with it... but still keeping an eye on it.

Once again, you never know!

With other dogs during my walks I'm fine as long as they are not too close to me and barking at me or running towards me when I'm on leash (yes, it happened again!).

I bark and growl with excitement which can be scary for people who do not know me but well... it's just who I am for now so my humans are learning to not get too obsessed with what other people may think and they say as long as I sit next to them when it happens and as long as I always obeys to them when they tell me to do something then it is OK. I'm only 14 months old after all !

I still do clicker training and I still love it. I will soon make a video to show you everything I've learned so far. 

I hope you are all OK. I'm now going to check on your blogs to read about the latest news :-)

Have a nice day,