Remember my face ? Hehe

I'm still here, better than ever, always think about you very often but don't have much time to post on here. 

I hope you're all well and had a great time for Chritsmas. I took the train as usual to visit my Grandma who lives far away and had a great time there. Now I'm back in Bordeaux and ready to welcome the new year !

I had some health issues in 2013, got a staphylococcus and several skin problems, along with the otitis I get all the time, but apart from this, I had an awesome year and turned 3 in September. Ooops, seems like yesterday when I was a tiny little muffin.... (errr actually... Have I ever been TINY?)

Would love to hear from you my friends, 



Some news !

Hi everyone !

I know it's been AGES since I last posted something on here !
Lots of things have happened and my human is very busy. I've had lots of exciting adventures like riding on the train from Bordeaux to Paris and then from Paris to Normandy ! And then all the way back! We spent Christmas and the new year eve at my grandma's and it was AWESOME!

Me on the train!

Also, my human went on a shopping spree in London two weeks ago and guess what ?! Someone came and look after me at MY place ! His name is Loic and it all went very well, even though Laura was quite stressed out to leave me as it was the first time ever someone else ( apart from my grandma) looked after me for as long as 4 days!
Loic said I was a very good boy during his stay and so Laura is VERY proud of me!

The other exciting news is that Laura has set up her own little business ! Besides her studies, she is now making dog collars :) It's a very small business but it helps her a little with money !
You can check the website out :

( Les colliers de Lincoln means Lincoln's collars )

I know it's in French buit you can still see the pictures and maybe tell us what you think ?

I promise I will come back soon to see you and check out your blogs ! I'm seriously missing you !