Hello everyone !

It's been ages since I've been posting something on here. How have you been ?
Sorry we don't have time to come here as soon as we'd like to... Laura is very busy with Uni !

We have moved into a tiny tiny single room flat in August - but I have settled in very well and we have even build my own personal space in it and I loooove it so much !

Here is when the nice man came to build it ! See, it's right under Laura's bed :-)

Unlike our older flat where we lived in a very residencial area, here we are right next to Laura's University (5 minutes walk!) and there are almost only students in our building and I have to say we are feeling so much better ! There is a wood just accross the street and loads of green space everywhere! I love it !

The flat is really tiny though, but I have been behaving like a very very good boy. I think aging as something to do with all this - I'm becoming a gentleman. Ha ha !

Kisses !

Yay !
And guess what ? I'm going to go on a great adventure in less than a month ! Laura and I are going to go and spend two weeks for Christmas at my grandma's house, how exciting !

You know how much I love my Grandma !
The cool thing is that we're going to take the train (the TGV - high speed train), to go from Bordeaux to Paris (3 hours long), then in Paris we'll have to take a kind of underground train so we can go to another train station, and then from that other train station in Paris we'll take another train to Caen, the city where my Grandma lives (it's in Normandy, two hours away from Paris). OMD, it's gonna so exciting but also a little bit stressy and scary !

Anyway ! I promise you I'll come back very soon to tell you more about all the things that happened to us while I was away from Blogland.

Been missing you like crazy!
Love xxxx