Having fun with Lilou

Here is a little video of me playing with my friend Lilou that lives in the flat just under mine !
I was still very young back then, 3 months old I think.

You know , I really love Lilou and she really loves me as well, she is really playful like me plus she isn't scared of my size at all which is great !

The only problem is that since I'm getting bigger her humans don't seem to be really keen to let her play much with me anymore... she keeps pulling on her leash trying to come and see me... it makes me sad !
But well, here is a little reminder of the great times we had together !

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  1. Hi Lincoln - thanks for saying hello - very nice to visit your blog - I hope we will be blog friends. My human has family near St Malo so sometimes she drives up your way. Next time I'm going with her - so maybe we'll meet on the beach one day...I like playing with really big dogs - so don't worry you won't squash me!
    ciao Zola