3 months later... And a lot taller !!

Hiii !

I was so busy growing up that I totally forgot to update my blog!! Sorry. But look at me now!! Am I not one of the most beautiful great dane you've ever seen??

Anyway, there have been a lot of things going on lately. First I have learned to deal with my brother, "Nounet". It's not always easy, mostly because he doesn't want to play with me, so unfair!!! But we finally found a way to love each other without making our humans crazy with our chasings and stuff like that. Look at us now:

Don't you think we look like angels?

I also started clicker training and it seems like I'm pretty good at it! You know, for a 5 months old puppy I'm quite proud of my behaviour but my humans never seem to think it's good enough! For example, today I had to meet 3 new humans at the same time and I was very very very excited but my humans kept telling me I had to stay gently on my bed and stop jumping on the people...

And after everything that happened, I still had something new to face.... But I can't tell you what it is yet ;)

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