Training Video - DWTDS

Hey my furiends,

Here is a little video I wanted to share with you. I know it's far from being perfect, I know it does not really look like proper dancing yet, I know I am VERY slow when I move, but what I also know is that I love my DWTDS training SO MUCH and we're having GREAT fun doing it :-)

My humans are very proud because they say I've been a very good student when learning new tricks. I've been learning things quite easily and did not get too much distracted as they thought I would.

I am not so cute trying my best ?


Hope you enjoy it and can tell me what you think :-)

Talk soon,



My super fun playdate with Anika

Yesterday my humans started packing a bag with a bottle of water, treats and a couple of balls. I knew it meant something - something real GOOD - so I started to get excited. I was going to meet Anika for the first time ! Yeepee

When she arrived it was love at first sight. I was so happy I could not stop giving her kisses and bringing her my toys. We had a good run too.

My humans and Anika's humans met on the internet - Anika's humans sent them an email because they had been thinking for a long time about getting a Great Dane.

Anika too was quite happy to see me
and I also loved Anika's second human
- she was so nice and gentle -
Everyone said I was a very good boy during the playdate - though as usual I was playing rough especially at the beginning - but we could see I was trying my best to be as soft as possible with her. My humans said they were really proud. I even shared my bowl of water and some treats from my human's bag.
This is not the only thing I shared with her :
I really had a great time. I did not want her to leave, so I kept kissing her all the time.

I love you
I really do
Can we meet again ?
She said OK, we could meet again sometime soon. I'm so chuffed.
After she left with her humans I kept looking everywhere to see if there was any chance I could find her hidden behind a bush. I didn't. So we head back home - and I was the most tired dog in the whole entiere world. I slept from 9pm to 9am this morning. Without waking up even once.

Talk soon,



Walks and Training !

Bonjour mes amis !

Last weekend was full of walks and full of training! Following your advices, my humans have decided that I was going to get more training during my walks and that's what we've been doing ! It's so much fun. I love training (and the treats that go with). But of course, I never forget about my first passion : resting. (especially now - it's sooooo hot outside I can barely walk for 5 minutes without starting to drool excessively - and I do mean the "excessively". )

Because of Honey's DWTDS, I had to learn through the weekend how to shake paws according to my human's hand. ( I already knew how to shake paws, of course, but found it really difficult to synchronize it with my humans hand - I usually gave the right one without even thinking about it heehee ). So you're going to get a lot of shaking paws in the video, sorry my furiends !

Hope it is not too boring though :-)

I leave you with some black and white shots of myself,



PS : In one or two days, I'll be posting an update of my DWTDS training, did not realize it would come so quickly, and now I'm sooooo late ! Hehe, but still loving it !
Oh, and also, tomorrow I'm having a playdate !!! Yeay !! I'm going to meet a young lady called Anika, she's a chocolate lab and guess what ??? Her humans are going to give her a little sis' by the end of august : a blue great dane female pup :-) OMG ! I just can't wait !


A big Thank You and a new video

WOW !! Thank you SO much to everyone of you who took some time to answer and leave a comment on my last post concerning my bad boy behaviour ! We well take into account everything you have mentionned and I'm sure I'll get better and better thanks to your advices !
I do have a Kong - though it takes me only 5 mins to empty it - I do not chew it I bounce it REAL hard on the floor and the walls and it makes them fall out.

this is me when I was
not so trouble yet

My humans says they're going to buy once or two more - we've checked out the website and found some cool stuff - has anyone of you ever tried to fill it with the paste they're selling? Is it good ? We'll also try to put his breakfast in Kongs when we have to leave in the morning - that's a great idea.

About the crate, no we don't have one and we have to say, in France it is not a common thing at all - they do not sell it in the shops - only the ones for the car - and certainly not for Lincoln's size. Well, we are going to do as you all said and confine him in a room - we did not even try it before as we were scared he'd get bored in a small space - well, he proved us that he got bored in a big space too so anyway .... ! We'll put all his toys with him plus filled kongs and we'll see what happen. There's not much in the room anyway so he won't be able to destroy.

I was quite cute, wasn't I ?

Thanks also for the comments about the leash - it looks like Lincoln is going to enjoy even more training !! Yipee !

So yes, thank you so much for everything and of course we will keep you updated on how he's doing !!

Also, because you mentionned the teenage stage, Lincoln wanted to show you a video he has made - picking its song just for you. He says teenagers are "golden"....... Ah, well !

Talk soon


I am the Trouble Boy.

Bonjour my furiends !

Sorry I haven't been posting these days - we have been quite busy ! Here is a list of the things I've been doing :

helping my human to study for her exams

checking out my new toys

- is it pink ? Are they KIDDING me ?

chillin' out on the balcony

making sure the pizza man arrives safely

tasting new stuff

being cute - as usual

making faces to the camera

showing my tongue

playing hide and seek with my kitty brother


enduring a grooming

- leave me aloooo-oooone !

And last but not least :

growing, growing, growing !

Note from my humans : Lincoln has been REALLY trouble these days. It's been two weeks almost since when we leave Lincoln alone at home and come back after a while the house is just a disaster - well, the living room is - he pulls out of the shelves everything he can catch - mainly books - and sometimes does not do much than this but some days he will ripped them apart ( and he does it even if we just leave him for 20mins! ). This is really upsetting as he never really did it before. Well, he did it once or twice when he was 4 months old maybe but had never done it again until now. We never leave him for more than 3 hours alone and ALWAYS make sure we took him for a walk just before. We don't make any fuss of him before we leave - but we do give him a treat to chew - most of the time his daily Denta-Stix ( should we stop this ? ). He has tons of toys - so we don't really know what else to do to make him stop. Maybe it is because we always try to take him with us wherever we go since he's a little pup' and now he just don't understand when we can't.

Be prepared - this is from last tuesday :


There is something else he's just started doing - trying to catch and chew his leash when we take him for a walk - he's walking nicely and then suddenly we don't know why but he starts doing it - when he manages to catch it he starts jumping and acting silly. That would be OK I guess if he wasn't so big - but this is kind of embarrassing when there are loads of people around and he starts doing it - people will stare at us and think he is not well-behaved even though he is really..... except when doing this ! We can tell him NO! - STOP! he won't ... and just seem to be too excited to listen. Oh, this is so frustrating !

Any tips maybe... ? :-)

Talk soon,

Lincoln and his Humans


Friday's Gossips

Bonjour my furiends !

How are you today? Thanks for all the comments you left on my last post " Missing Oscar" - for those of you who asked about the fridge - I know ! Everytime we opened it he used to rush and jump inside - we had to be very careful - and also careful he didn't sneek in without my humans noticing it ! Imagine - a frozen headless cat ! Scary!

We had some news since - he is doing great. I'm happy ! Plus, Poupette (this is the name of the new kitty) and I have .. arhhum... kinda fallen in love with each other .......

First I was shy and clumsy ...

but still, I let her sleep on my bed

Then we started to get closer ...

and closer .... !

It did not seem to bother my kitty brother, Nounet :


The people that rescued Poupette called her "Poireau", which is "Leek" in English - ugh. Not very nice, don't you think ? So we call her Poupette for now - this is much more feminine.

Also, I'm going to change my dry food's brand. I was on Royal Canin but my humans found another one that looks better to them : Orijen. I'm very excited - and ready ! My furiend Branson the great dane is on Orijen too and he loves it !

So, where is it ?

Gimme da food !!!!!

Also, I promised you I'd show you the video of the cows following me!!!

Hehe :-) Hope you like it!




Sleepy Sunday

I'm at my Grandmas. I've been there with my humans for two days already. Grandma and Granpa are not at home - I heard they are having fun further south where the weather is better than here so we have to look after Smarties until .... tuesday !

Smarties is so boring ..... and it's raining outside.

Laura has to hand in an essay on Irish Civil War and she's been spending days writting it. I've heard when it's finished my humans are going to start removing wallpaper as my Grandma wants to paint the walls and she does not have much free time to do it.

So where's the fun gone my furiends ? I think Grandma took it with her :-(
So see, this is how I am spending my day :

and I have to say .....

stretching my ear

testing the armrest


and winking again ....

being good

... and cute

Makes me REALLY tired.