Christmas is over !

                                     Bonjour my furiends!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and lovely presents !!
I was very lucky to have my grandma coming over (she now lives 8 hours away from me!!). And guess what ???!!

Because I always get cold and got upset tummies, my grandma decided to make a coat for me ! 
It took her some time for the measurements and the fitting but I was very nice and calm and let her do whatever she needed to do. 

Oops, I'm doing the Dobby-ear thing one again !
Anyway, it's realllly warm and I love it ! My humans wanted a black one but Grandma chose the red colour because she said it fits me so well .... we tried to make her understand people were going to notice me even more with a red coat on, but she would not change her mind. Oh, well.... 

 I also look a bit like santa, don't you think ?
I also had two news toys that I love, a purple tug toy and a Christmas stuffie ! I know I'm lucky, but that's also because I do deserve it, I've been a very very good boy lately !

Best news is that I've met a new Great Dane friend !!! She's 8 months old and her name is Ghana. Ghana is a very playful girl, so it is just great !


and running again !

We get along so well, our humans could not even believe it (I'm so rough when I play that usually, even rough doggies don't really like to play with me), but wow!!! Ghana is quite a dog !!! hehe!

See those legs moves !! 

She chased me, slapped me in the face, stole my toys ...  but that's OK because she also gave me BIG great dane kisses !! Oops ! We went to the countryside and ran in the vineyard, it was AWESOME !

She's a real copycat. I drink, she drinks!


We spent 2 hours playing in the fields and then we went to play in her garden while our humans were drinking coffee ( Lincoln kept staring at us through the window, that's funny how he's such an "apartment dog". He'd rather be with us in the house than outside with Ghana who was raised in a house with a huge garden and loves being outside !).

I'm so happy I found a friend that really loves me for who I really am !! I'm sure there are many others that would love me too but here with the boring owners that are always too scared to let their dog play with me, it's not easy to find ! So I guess Ghana is going to become my best friend ! Hurrah ! (Her humans said she was very sad when I left and started whimpering... how cute!)