Oh, oh... someone's in trouble !

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First of all, I wanted to tell you something that really annoys me. See, my humans (one of them particularly) always call me "Dobby". As it's not my name and it doesn't mean anything to me, I did some research on the internet in order to find what/who "Dobby" was. And look at what I found:

Isn't it the most uggly creature you have ever seen??
Finally it appears that Ophélie (one of my human) who likes Harry Potter a lot thinks that I look like this uggly thing when I put my ears in a special way.

I absolutely don't know what she's talking about.......

Anyway, today was a difficult day for me because these last days I've spent a lot of time with my humans. But today they had to go outside without me for their "studies", an other thing that I don't understand.
See, when they tell me I have to "study", it means that we do something good: clicker training. It doesn't mean that I have to go outside and leave them. So really I don't get it and I don't like it at all when they leave me all by myself.... even if I know it's not going to last for a verrrrrry long time....

So I have to play without them, but it's a lot less funny ...

It's not because I have two toys at the same time that I'm not getting bored!

Is there some food in it??

Of course, my brother Nounet doesn't want to play with me either.
He never gets bored, he knows what to do :


and so does Oscar :

Thankfully, after a while, one of my human came back... I was acting a little weird and didn't want her to go in her bedroom. But finally when she did, look what she found.............

It's not me, I swear!!

I knew I was in trouble. You can see it when I do my Dobby ears thing, I know something's up. And of course my human made her scary voice at me. She knows that it's not a good thing to be mad at a dog when you just come back home so I didn't get any real trouble or anything, she just told me that I had been really mean and how disappointed she was. And you know it's the worst thing you can do to me because I just hate it when my human turn away from me, it makes me very sad.

Plus, It's not THAT bad after all?....

Because I was upset, I just laid down next to the door, waiting for her to tell me to come and to tell me that I was forgiven...


and she did...
Do you still love me ?

She finally couldn't resist to my cutie face and my sorry look and gave me a great deal of cuddles to let me know I was forgiven...

I won't do it again, promise!



  1. I know they still love you!


  2. Hehe you do look a little bit like dobby, especially with that look on your face! But we don't think its a bad thing, cos dobby is actully pretty cute :)

    Don't worry we don't believe for a seconded that you were the culprite in the mystery of the de-stuffing :p We do the same thing, but *sshhh* don't tell anybody!

  3. Hee! Hee! I do a similar thing when I know I've done something naughty. My humans say I would make a terrible criminal because everytime I steal something, instead of running off to hide (and eat or chew it!), instead I get very excited and 'prance' around in front of them, holding the thing in my mouth, like I'm really proud of myself! Ha! Ha!

    Honey the Great Dane