Some Cat News

Guess what ?
Oscar is going to leave us tomorrow morning; and this time this is for good. He has found his forever home. I feel torn between sadness and happiness. Sadness because I will miss him very much, he was such a little tough guy - willing to challenge me and show me he was the boss ( and he really was!). He was also very playful and it took him only 2 days to get used to me. Happiness because of course, I'm glad he's going to be loved by a forever family that won't let him down after all he's been through. Even though he was a cat, I still loved him very much. I'm glad we helped him during his process to find someone who would finally adopt him !

We did get on well :-)

Bye Bye buddy !

The news of the day is that - because Oscar is going tomorrow - there is someone new in the house since yesterday .... and Oh my ..... this is a girl !!!!
Kitty boys were OK but kitty girls ? Are you kidding me ... ? Argh ... Plus, she's wearing something really WEIRD around her neck :

What is it ?

Oh, fashion .....

Well, my humans told me she is here for the same reasons Oscar was. Her too will be waiting with us until someone falls in love with her and adopts her forever. She's been in the bathroom all day long yesterday because she was recovering from her tough surgery and they said she had to enjoy some nice and quiet time alone (that means without me annoying her). But today they let her out and she was really happy... Oh, not so happy to see me though, but it wasn't that bad !

Cheeky !


Ah well .... I guess I'll have to get used to her .... !
Do you my furiends like cats ? Do you have any at home ?

PS : We heard about the enormous storms in the USA. We're so sorry to hear about it. I'm sending you all my love and courage - hope all my furiends and their families & friends living there are safe and sound.

Talk soon,


Easter week-end

Hi everybody!!

I haven't been able to post about my easter week-end sooner because I spent my last two days sleeping ;-)

But here I am!! First my grandma let some surprises for me hidden in her garden!! How cool is that?? I have to say it wasn't really hard to find.

Here is the first one!

But guess what? My humans said it wasn't for me as it was chocolate and I'm not allowed to eat it! So unfair! I found it after all!!!

Give it back to me!!!

Humph, it's mine!

But they finally managed to take it back from me... I can't believe it, if they wanted their own surprise they had to find it themselves. I tried to make my cuttie face and my sad eyes but it didn't work...

Can I have it back? Pleeease?

You may have noticed that I have a bandage on my paw, it's because I have been hurt very badly. Let me tell you the story. I was walking nicely when I heard the screaming of a helpless doggie!! I rushed to him and saved him from the attack of a gian....hum? What? You don't believe me????

Oh, well... Ok, I admit it isn't exactely what happend... Actually I was in my grandma's garden and my humans left me alone, they were just inside, behind the window but I suddenly noticed that they had left and I tried to run to them and didn't see the window and SPRRRAAAARRCHTT...
Finally it wasn't that bad but I hurt my paw a little, I'm totally fine now :-)

Like every weekend we went for a looooong walk. This time, my humans chose a place where I could protect myself from the sun because this last month has been incredibly hot for an april month in the north of France, actually it was hotter in the north than in the south! There has been a lot of sun and it appears that I didn't like it that much. But this place was fine as there were a lot of trees aaand.....a lot of rivers where I can jump in!!!

Walking nicely

Can I have a swim??

Brr it's cold!

After that, you can see I've been here!

Mummy! They're going to follow us!!

Like always I had to wait for my grandma and grandpa, I don't know what they do but they're so slooow! They were busy smelling flowers and taking pictures, tssss

Come on, I want to go back in the river

Oh we really don't have time for these silly things!

Indeed I didn't have time, I had a lot of things to do!!

Finding a bigger stick

Meeting a strange animal (my humans said it was a doggie too but I didn't believe them, he was way too small to be a dog!)

Being followed by cows (we took a video of that, I'm going to ask my humans to post it on my blog because you have to see it!!!)

But my bigger adventure of the day was a less funny one. Actually my grandpa saved me because my humans didn't see anything, and I could have been hurt...because I met....


Oh yes I know, they're not as big as the ones you can find in Australia or in Porto Rico but you know, if they had beaten me, it would have been a desaster as we were very far from our car and as my humans can't REALLY carry me and run at the same time anymore. Phhhhheeeeew, fortunately my grandpa was there and now my humans will look very carefuly at the road.

Fiew, it makes me tired!

Last picture of the walk

Say hi!

Then it was time to go back home, I was starting to miss my kittie brothers but they didn't look like they were missing me that much as they have a special cat thing with each other... they don't really need anyone else but themselves !

I don't understand cats...

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that my humans went to the post office to send all the presents for the participants of my contest on tuesday. The human at the post office wasn't very happy with my humans as they have one packet for each country :-S haha . But it's done now... though the human at the post office said it might take some time for some of you that live so far away to receive it!! I don't understand what they're doing with it for so long!

I will soon update you about my improvements in my dancing training :-)



Lincoln's interview about DWTDS

The interviewer was a bit annoying - But well , it is the price of fame .....

ps : I hope you have a lovely easter weekend ! I'm going at my grandma :-) au revoir !

Zola's entry to our French Craze Contest

Oooopsie ! Something very sad happened, Zola my Friend made a great entry for my French Craze Contest - but my silly humans didn't see it on Zola's blog and as they didn't get any message they did not know she was entering it too :-( Oh no, so sorry Zola ! (the worst thing is that my humans went on your blog a few day ago but only read the last post and didn't check the ones you posted before)

Anyway, you can see her awsome entry here :

We loved it ! I love to "tire" the socks too hehe :-)

So sorry about this misunderstanding Zola, we'll make it up to you and you too will still get a little something from me hehe !!

Thank you, merci, pardon, désolé!



1st Training video :-)

I guess you've all heard about Honey's Dancing With the Doggie Stars contest ... Well, today my humans decided to teach me how to go through their legs .... hehe. It wasn't THAT easy even though my human Laura is 1.75m tall ( 5'9" ) ... I'm already big at 7 months :-)

Did you like it ? I know, I'm a bit slow ... but I'll be working hard, promise !

PS: sorry about my human in the video, she is shameless, ..... in her jammies ! phewwww....

Talk soon,



French Craze Contest - The results !

I was so excited when my humans told me I was going to pick the winners of my first own contest !
First we thought there would be only one winner..... but then we've agreed we would make a second smaller prize - so we've decided to get one big winner from the Video part and then another "smaller" winner for the picture part !!

I, Lincoln, was the one who picked randomly the winners and I'm really proud of it !

Check it out !

Also, as we did not have too many pawticipants we've decided every one of them would get the postcard and the pawtograph thing !
So please, send us an email at with your mailing address details ! :-)

Have a nice rest of the day,



French Craze Contest - The entries !

First of all I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the pawticipants of my contest ! I'm so glad you took the time to enter it - and if you haven't it's OK, I hope you'll enter a next one :-)

Here are the entries :

VIDEOS - the pawticipants had to ask their humans if they could take a video of them learning at least one French command.

Honey made an awsome video where you can see her learning the French command " bisou" which means " kiss " in English ! We love it ! Me and my human think it is just brilliant! We loved to see how she learned it and loved the Ziaow command in Mandarin which I'm going to learn!

My furiend Amber-Mae also sent us a video! We loved it too and I have to say my humans laughed very hard at the "serious"/"smile" part .... isn't it the cutest thing in the world ? I think Amber-Mae is very clever - I don't know how her hooman got her to learn that trick ! We can also see an apparition of the handsome River and the gorgeous Chloe :-)

PICTURES - The pawticipants had to take a picture ( or two, three .... ) of themselves wearing something or posing next to something that makes them think about France.

Kasha the Dainty Great Dane sent me two pictures of her where you can see she has the total French look :-) Isn't she gorgeous ?

Lucille sent me a picture too - She is wearing a DisneyLand top - too cute ! Don't you love her face - very Parisian we thought !

Lexi entered the contest too - I can see she really enjoyed wearing all this French and Girly stuff - she is such a star!

Jasper also entered it - We can see it did not like it as much as Lexi did but that's OK - Jasper, you're the only boy of the competition and I personnaly think you look very handsome !

Lexi and Jasper are learning some French commands but they didn't have a working video camera for now so here is their great entry :

So what do you think ? Pretty pawsome, right ?!

Anyway, be ready for the Winner Proclamation - it's coming very soon !


Plans to go to Paris and visiting Honfleur.

Bonjour my dear furiends !

These last days I have been very busy - my Grandad and his girlfriend from Paris came to visit me !! They spent 3 days at the flat with us, it was great and I was very happy to have new friends to play with :-)

Hehe - I have been very good though I was a little scared of Grandad at first. It didn't last long !
And you know what ? I'll be going to Paris soon ! My humans are going to a concert in June and so we'll be staying at Grandad's for a few days - On the sunday when my humans go to the concert, I'll even be staying with him and Jacqueline his lovely girlfriend. I heard they have two kitties and guinea-pig ! How exciting ! This is gonna be the first time I stay with someone else than my humans for a whole day. I'm sure I'll be fine !
I can't wait for this weekend to come and even more because we are going to go to Paris by TRAIN ! hurrah ! Though, I won't be able to see the Eiffel tower or anything like that because my Grandad lives in the surbub and in Paris dogs aren't allowed in the underground so it would be a little too complicated to organize ! Ah well, that's alright, I'll watch pictures !

La Tour Eiffel

L'arc de Triomphe

Le Trocadéro
Les Quais de Seine

Le Sacré Coeur ( Montmartre )

Le Métro

Voilà ! By the way, has anyone of you seen the movie " Paris je t'aime" ? Here is an extract me and my humans really love !

You'll tell me what you think :-)

So, back to subject - my visit to Honfleur, a pretty village not so far from where I live. I wanted to share some pictures with you :

Nice! Can I try this boat ?

View of the port


Broken shutters

Meeting a cute furiend

" We have to make sure Cruela De Vil is far far far away from here ! "

Walking nicely along the sea

Crossing the bridge !

Sandy Face

"Hm, what should I order then ?"

I had a great time and again was very tired when we arrived at home ! At least I let my Grandad some time to rest ... hehe I couldn't stop asking him to play with me all day long !

I hope you are having a great weekend - In France it is 00:17am already so maybe I should leave the computer for now and go to sleep, otherwise tomorrow I'll be a real sleepyhead :-) hehe !

PS: On Wednesday I will publish all the entries I received for my French Craze Contest ! Remenber you still have until the 19th to participate so please feel free to join, even if it's just for a picture ! The results will be known soon after, by the end of next week. I, Lincoln, will be the one who'll pick the winner ! So good luck to everyone :-)

Talk to you soon,