Some Cat News

Guess what ?
Oscar is going to leave us tomorrow morning; and this time this is for good. He has found his forever home. I feel torn between sadness and happiness. Sadness because I will miss him very much, he was such a little tough guy - willing to challenge me and show me he was the boss ( and he really was!). He was also very playful and it took him only 2 days to get used to me. Happiness because of course, I'm glad he's going to be loved by a forever family that won't let him down after all he's been through. Even though he was a cat, I still loved him very much. I'm glad we helped him during his process to find someone who would finally adopt him !

We did get on well :-)

Bye Bye buddy !

The news of the day is that - because Oscar is going tomorrow - there is someone new in the house since yesterday .... and Oh my ..... this is a girl !!!!
Kitty boys were OK but kitty girls ? Are you kidding me ... ? Argh ... Plus, she's wearing something really WEIRD around her neck :

What is it ?

Oh, fashion .....

Well, my humans told me she is here for the same reasons Oscar was. Her too will be waiting with us until someone falls in love with her and adopts her forever. She's been in the bathroom all day long yesterday because she was recovering from her tough surgery and they said she had to enjoy some nice and quiet time alone (that means without me annoying her). But today they let her out and she was really happy... Oh, not so happy to see me though, but it wasn't that bad !

Cheeky !


Ah well .... I guess I'll have to get used to her .... !
Do you my furiends like cats ? Do you have any at home ?

PS : We heard about the enormous storms in the USA. We're so sorry to hear about it. I'm sending you all my love and courage - hope all my furiends and their families & friends living there are safe and sound.

Talk soon,


  1. Congrats to Oscar!!!


  2. Yea for Oscar! And welcome new kitty!

  3. Oh - that is wonderful news for Oscar - we are so happy for him!

    And welcome to the new kitty! What is her name?

    I have to say - I think you are so good, Lincoln, to be so calm and well-behaved with all these strange cats in your house!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. I have a kitty sister named Mika. She's so boring. Never wants to play, all she does is sun bath and ignore me. She was rescued from the country by my human. My human would like to get another kitty, one that would play with me but between relatives saying no and Mika... not possible. I'm happy Oscar found a home!


  5. Goodbye Oscar! Who is that new kitty? She is purdy! I certainly like cats. I have a 3-legged kitty sister. Her name is Ginny Tripod. We get along OK.

  6. Bonjour Lincoln,

    I'm sorry your kitty friend is leaving you but glad he found his forever home.

    I've never met a cat and probably never mom is allergic to cats so we won't ever have one and we don't even know any in the neighborhood.

    Have a nice Sunday.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  7. O we are so glad Oscar has found a forever home! :D

    The new girl kitty looks like fun though - hopefully she is feeling better soon :)

    And yup, we LOVE kitties - they never seem to love us as much though! :(

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes