Easter week-end

Hi everybody!!

I haven't been able to post about my easter week-end sooner because I spent my last two days sleeping ;-)

But here I am!! First my grandma let some surprises for me hidden in her garden!! How cool is that?? I have to say it wasn't really hard to find.

Here is the first one!

But guess what? My humans said it wasn't for me as it was chocolate and I'm not allowed to eat it! So unfair! I found it after all!!!

Give it back to me!!!

Humph, it's mine!

But they finally managed to take it back from me... I can't believe it, if they wanted their own surprise they had to find it themselves. I tried to make my cuttie face and my sad eyes but it didn't work...

Can I have it back? Pleeease?

You may have noticed that I have a bandage on my paw, it's because I have been hurt very badly. Let me tell you the story. I was walking nicely when I heard the screaming of a helpless doggie!! I rushed to him and saved him from the attack of a gian....hum? What? You don't believe me????

Oh, well... Ok, I admit it isn't exactely what happend... Actually I was in my grandma's garden and my humans left me alone, they were just inside, behind the window but I suddenly noticed that they had left and I tried to run to them and didn't see the window and SPRRRAAAARRCHTT...
Finally it wasn't that bad but I hurt my paw a little, I'm totally fine now :-)

Like every weekend we went for a looooong walk. This time, my humans chose a place where I could protect myself from the sun because this last month has been incredibly hot for an april month in the north of France, actually it was hotter in the north than in the south! There has been a lot of sun and it appears that I didn't like it that much. But this place was fine as there were a lot of trees aaand.....a lot of rivers where I can jump in!!!

Walking nicely

Can I have a swim??

Brr it's cold!

After that, you can see I've been here!

Mummy! They're going to follow us!!

Like always I had to wait for my grandma and grandpa, I don't know what they do but they're so slooow! They were busy smelling flowers and taking pictures, tssss

Come on, I want to go back in the river

Oh we really don't have time for these silly things!

Indeed I didn't have time, I had a lot of things to do!!

Finding a bigger stick

Meeting a strange animal (my humans said it was a doggie too but I didn't believe them, he was way too small to be a dog!)

Being followed by cows (we took a video of that, I'm going to ask my humans to post it on my blog because you have to see it!!!)

But my bigger adventure of the day was a less funny one. Actually my grandpa saved me because my humans didn't see anything, and I could have been hurt...because I met....


Oh yes I know, they're not as big as the ones you can find in Australia or in Porto Rico but you know, if they had beaten me, it would have been a desaster as we were very far from our car and as my humans can't REALLY carry me and run at the same time anymore. Phhhhheeeeew, fortunately my grandpa was there and now my humans will look very carefuly at the road.

Fiew, it makes me tired!

Last picture of the walk

Say hi!

Then it was time to go back home, I was starting to miss my kittie brothers but they didn't look like they were missing me that much as they have a special cat thing with each other... they don't really need anyone else but themselves !

I don't understand cats...

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that my humans went to the post office to send all the presents for the participants of my contest on tuesday. The human at the post office wasn't very happy with my humans as they have one packet for each country :-S haha . But it's done now... though the human at the post office said it might take some time for some of you that live so far away to receive it!! I don't understand what they're doing with it for so long!

I will soon update you about my improvements in my dancing training :-)



  1. what a day you had! glad your leg (and also the glass door) is fine! snakes! yikes... hope to see that video soon :)
    love the foot prints!

  2. We sure can see why you were sleeping for two days!


  3. I agree with you, Lincoln. You found that egg so therefore it belongs to you! So sorry to read about what happened to your leg. Did you mean you crashed through the window? Ouch! That must have hurt so bad. I hope your poor boo boo leg heals soon. I absolutely love that picture of your paw prints on the ground. It's very nice!

  4. My goodness - that was one very busy weekend ! I am sorry you didn't get the keep the present you found - but you know it would of made you VERY sick if you had eaten it. Then you would of had an upset tummy and a sore paw! You have to be careful of those glass doors - they are hard to see. And snakes - ekkkkkkkkk gotta watch out for those too!

  5. Hello Lincoln. Where sorry about your leg and are very glad It’s much better now. How unfair of your humans to take away that peasant you had found so unfair. How scary to run into snakes where glad they didn’t hurt you or anything. Lucky your grandpa was there to keep you safe. We get really scary snakes In Australia to some of the worst in the world according to our human. That’s a great stick that you found. From Angus & Milo

  6. What a big weekend.
    I'm glad your foots ok, you have to watch out for those glass doors they can be tricky.
    I love the photo of your footprints, thats so cute.

  7. What a busy weekend! I'd sleep that long too to recover!

  8. Sorry about your paw!! I know what its like. I had to have surgery last year, literally a year ago this month, because I sliced open my paw! I wasn't allowed to play for a month! Are the snakes poisonous? We have rattle snakes in Texas, but thankfully they're unusual to be found in the city now.


  9. Oh my goodness, Lincoln, what a busy weekend you've had! Chocolate and bridges and cows and snakes! I'm exhausted just reading about it!! :-)

    I'm sorry to hear about your paw ouchie and I hope it heals up soon. You look quite dashing with a bandage, though - sort of like a "wounded hero" - ha! ha!

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. Yikes! Are you sure you're in the French countryside? Looks much more dangerous! I don't know whether you have poisonous snakes in France, but better to avoid them. But going through a glass door is MUCH more dangerous. Mama's dad had a Dane who did that once; she sliced a tendon and was permanently lamed as a result. Bet your parents won't leave you alone in the yard again :) Looks like you earned your rest on the red sofa.

    How many cat siblings do you have, anyway? You have your new foster sister [and may you never need an e-collar of your own], the foster brother who just left, and the Siamese. Are there more?

    Jed & Abby

  11. You look like you had a great time, even though you had a sore foot!

    We would really love to see the video of the cows :) We LOVE them!

    Snake??! What is that? It was so small, why were you so scared?

    Favourite photo is the one with the wet paw prints!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes