Weekend Adventure

Hello my friends !

How are you today ? Did you have a great weekend ?
I had a wonderful one !

On friday afternoon my humans started packing stuff, my food, some of my toys and kept telling me I had to wait for my surprise. And guess what ?? At 6.00 pm I heard the doorbell ring and here was... my Grandma !!!!

We put all the stuff in the car and I jumped in the trunk ! Here was my surprise, we were going at Grandma's for the weekend ! Huuraaah !!!

These days in France the weather is wonderful, so I got to go in the garden !

my ball!

more toys !

saying Hi to my next-door friend

eating my stick

I also got to play with Smarties. Well, do you remenber I told you about the issues I had with her ? I have a good news ! I have been a very very very good boy and my human said they were really proud of me. I haven't been annoying her much, and we were even able to play together !

She looks cute, doesn't she ?

playing together

I'm gonna get you !

I have to tell you, for a 10 years old dog that had a lot of health issues lately, she sure is in good shape... and believe me, she can run ! :

I am so happy we are friends now !

My Grandma's works in a nursery school and so she knows all the little human pups that live in her village. Two of them saw me with my humans and came at the door and ask my Grandma if I could go out in front of the house a little bit so they could see me and pet me ! How exciting !

Look at her, she was so gentle !

I can tell she fell in love with me right away!

This little boy was very cute too - though I didn't really like his scooter !

Today, and on saturday also, we went for big walks around the countryside where my Grandma lives.

it looks very nice over there, don't you think ?

I even get to go off-leash

Here are some pictures my humans love :

(check out the tongue!)

With the heat, my human went a bit crazy ....

Is it dangerous ?

Seriously ? Who does she think she is, Billy Elliot or what ?

I'd better run to my Grandma :

I love you !!

I love Tequila too; she's the horse sharing the field with my Grandad's horse, isn't she beautiful ?


And now here is my Grandad's horse, his name is RĂªve (dream in English) and he is 28 years old ! :

As usual I got to say hi to the cows :

hello dear !

They're following us !

Back at my Grandma's, I had a good surprise ... My aunty Charlotte had left a big frog on the floor ...

yummy ! - ( In case you're wondering, my humans do not eat frogs as some French people do - even more, they actually are vegeterians ! )

Even better to cuddle :-)

I'm glad my Grandma let me sleep on her couch as it is very comfy and big. So most of the time when I get to go and spend some time there, this is how I end my days :

See you later ... :-)


PS: I got the first pictures for my French Craze contest from my lovely friend Kasha the Dainty Great Dane, and I can tell you, she sets the bar real high with her cuteness :-) She's even gonna do a video :-) How cool ?
Also, When the contest will be over on the 19th, I will create a post with all the pictures and videos I have received, so I hope your are OK with that :-) The winner will be known short after !


  1. What a beautiful place for you to visit and have fun! It sure looks like you and Smarties got along very well. And you never can tell with those older pups- sometimes they are just full of energy.

    When we are out on our walks, we meet lots of small children. Mom likes us to have the chance to meet and greet them. But she always makes them leave their bikes and scooters and skateboards away from us and the children have to walk to us, never run at us. We don't think we would like that scooter so close to us either, Lincoln.

    Thanks for sharing your fun time at Grandma's - those horses are very handsome.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. what a great weekend!


  3. Oh WOW what a weekend you had!!! I betcha had so much fun at Grandma's.

  4. Bon jour Lincoln,

    I love the picture with you kissing the cheval...that is too cute!! Sounds like you had a very nice weekend visiting your grand mere. How far by car machine does grandma live from you. I'm about an hour from my grand mere so I don't see her all that often but that's mostly because I don't like her doggie. So they leave me at home when they go visit. You are a lucky dog Lincoln.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  5. Well hello there, my new friend, Lincoln! Thanks for visiting my site -- I love making new friends!

    Just so you know... I'm no girlie girl. I can play rough and tumble just like the boys! You won't find bows in MY hair (well, unless you search my blog, heh).

    So glad to meet you! You sure are cuuuute!

    Woofs & hugs,


  6. Thank you for coming to visit us Lincoln! What a handsome woofie you are! Are you a furiend of Honeys?

    Looks like you had a great time visitng your Grandma. We don't go visit our Grandmeowm and Grandpaw, but they come see us!

  7. such a fun filled day! Smarties, Reve, Cows, big frog... well deserved nap on that comfy couch!

  8. Oh Lincoln, what a great weekend!!!
    You have a granddad that has two horses.... MY human is so envy... well, she cannot horse ride, she never tried but would love to...
    Well actually she would love to have them in the garden as if they were dogs... coming and going to the house... Just a dream unluckily, but we have a pony that leaves next door, and because he always comes to our fence it is as if her dreams becomes true...
    Love your tongue... How did you manage to do that???
    Just realised the deadline is the 19th... phew .. this gives me an extra few days to train... ;)
    Take care!!!
    Ciao Lucille
    PS: you are brave.. you are not scared by big animals such as horses and cows... wow!!!

  9. Oh Lincoln - you live in such beautiful countryside! I wish I could come and share it with you! I would love to say hello to cows & horses also but my human is always scared to let me get too close in case I upset them! Humph!

    By the way, my human, Hsin-Yi, LOVES frogs! But cooked the Chinese way...her favourite French dish is 'escargo'!

    That's great progress with Smarties! And we love those pictures of you in the tall grass too. Hsin-Yi also loved the pictures of your human jumping and having fun - she says too many humans are too serious and always worried about what other people - it's great to be able to just "let loose" sometime and not care and act silly and just have fun!

    And speaking of having fun...I have announced my dancing contest!!!!!! Yes! You must come over to my blog to check out the details and you know I'm counting on you, Lincoln - to be one of our stars!! :-) I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. We love cows!! :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes