A big Thank You and a new video

WOW !! Thank you SO much to everyone of you who took some time to answer and leave a comment on my last post concerning my bad boy behaviour ! We well take into account everything you have mentionned and I'm sure I'll get better and better thanks to your advices !
I do have a Kong - though it takes me only 5 mins to empty it - I do not chew it I bounce it REAL hard on the floor and the walls and it makes them fall out.

this is me when I was
not so trouble yet

My humans says they're going to buy once or two more - we've checked out the website and found some cool stuff - has anyone of you ever tried to fill it with the paste they're selling? Is it good ? We'll also try to put his breakfast in Kongs when we have to leave in the morning - that's a great idea.

About the crate, no we don't have one and we have to say, in France it is not a common thing at all - they do not sell it in the shops - only the ones for the car - and certainly not for Lincoln's size. Well, we are going to do as you all said and confine him in a room - we did not even try it before as we were scared he'd get bored in a small space - well, he proved us that he got bored in a big space too so anyway .... ! We'll put all his toys with him plus filled kongs and we'll see what happen. There's not much in the room anyway so he won't be able to destroy.

I was quite cute, wasn't I ?

Thanks also for the comments about the leash - it looks like Lincoln is going to enjoy even more training !! Yipee !

So yes, thank you so much for everything and of course we will keep you updated on how he's doing !!

Also, because you mentionned the teenage stage, Lincoln wanted to show you a video he has made - picking its song just for you. He says teenagers are "golden"....... Ah, well !

Talk soon


  1. Great video Lincoln! And yes you were cute and still are! The kong paste is okay for little pups - but I found that older dogs just figure out how to lick it out REALLY fast and it only keeps them amused for a few minutes. There are actually some really excellent interactive dog puzzles available - they have to figure out how to open them by pressing things with their paws. You need to put a really good "smelly" treat in them so they get a good scent of it (something like a liver treat). I will check my links and see if I can find the site again where I got Reilly's toys.

  2. Hi Lincoln - get your mom or dad to do a search on "interactive dog toys" on google or what ever you use - make sure you double check prices (with shipping included) so you get the the best prices. Amazon has quite a few to choose from.

  3. Lincoln, are you wearing shorts in that video?! hehehehe
    A kibble toy could be good option rather than a Kong.

  4. I was a bit embarrassed to leave such a LOOOOONG comment but I'm glad it was useful! :-)

    Yes, the crate is a great idea but unfortunately, it's not often a practical option for our giant dogs. It's one of those things that works well for most dogs but things are very different when your dog is the size of a pony. It's something many people don't consider or can even imagine. Aside from the difficulty of finding a crate that would fit (they ARE available) - to find one that would be the right size for comfortable standing & turning around, it would literally be half your living room. I am not kidding. So unless you lived in a pretty big house, it's not very practical having a Dane-sized crate in your house. We always lived in inner suburbia - small townhouses - with barely enough room for Honey's bed + our sofas in our living room - so it's just not practical. This as the reason we decided against a crate for Honey and used the laundry instead. Of course, there ARE people with Danes who use crates very successfully but it does require some sacrifice of space in your living area and from what I can see in your pictures, you don't look like you have a huge room anyway. But a small room should work fine too.

    I did end up having to buy a crate for Honey last year because the dancing club in Australia refuses to let you perform unless your dog is crated...and it is such a pain - I chose the "soft crate" option (which is only good if your dog doesn't chew as it rips easily) and it is practically the size of a tent! So difficult to move around, even collapsed, and just very bulky and ugly and HUGE! Maybe people who go to shows or dog sports trials a lot are used to it but for the average pet owner, it's a real pain. We never use it now - what a waste of $250!!

    About the Kong, Honey is also like that - she doesn't chew it - she just throws it around and bounces it and waits for the treats to drop out. I haven't used those pastes (I tend to avoid anything commercially processed with chemicals & preservatives if possible) but we use peanut butter very successfully. What you can do is pack the Kong very tight with lots of different shape & size treats (so some get stuck and don't fall out so easily) - and then seal the top with peanut butter. And then put it in the freezer overnight - so when you give it to Lincoln in the morning, it is frozen and takes him longer to get everything out.

    But I would really recommend that you get a "treat ball" - one of those balls with holes that you roll around and a bit of kibble falls out every so often. Honey LOVES hers and works it much better than the Kong, so Lincoln may be similar. It makes them work more by rolling it around and running after it and pushing it with their nose - and it also takes longer because usually only 1 kibble falls out each time. There are many different shapes & sizes available - have a look online if they don't sell them in your local petstore.

    I find with Honey that the interactive dog puzzles are only good for a short time. If they are too difficult, she will just give up (typical Dane!) and if they are easy enough for her to work out, she will quickly empty them and then lose interest. And they are very expensive! So I find for the money, a treat ball is still the best value. Especially if your dog always likes "balls".

    ps. will come back to watch the video later!

  5. Great video Lincoln! Loved the slow motion parts - you look so majestic :)

    Crates big enough for a dane older the 8-10 months of age is very difficult and take up huge amounts of room. Lexi and Jasper were crate trained as pups, Jasper still needed his when he grew out of it(he was very insecure when left alone in open spaces). So instead of going for a extra large crate I went for a puppy play pen - pretty much a crate with no top (much more readily available in New Zealand). He has never been smart enough to jump out of it ;)

    I'm sure everything will work out - lots of exercise, more training and dog proofing his alone enviroment will definitly help :)

    Laura and Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. OH Lincoln was very adorable indeed! I was going to leave you a comment in regards to your questions in your previous post but after seeing every one else's comments especially Honey's, I don't think I need to add anymore. I hope all those comments will help you out.

    I love that video! Love seeing him running around in those huge grassy fields.

  7. Hi Lincoln - my name is Indy Bones (2 year old chocolate lab from the USA) and I saw your blog from Honey's blog. You are so very cute - esp when you were a pup! My human Diane does all my typing for me so blame her if she makes mistakes - ha ha! I am a big doggie like you but pretty mellow most of the time. It is very nice to meet you - I added your blog to my list of doggie blogs I will visit. I hope to come back and see the video when my human is at home and can watch it with me.

    Your new friend :)

    Indiana Bones Taylor

  8. Aaaw LIncoln, we love the video and great music too. Looks like you're getting some great advice from experienced Danes people which is fantastic, our human calls our teenage years the 'kevin' years after a naughty character who was on TV called Kevin. Tell her not to worry, you won't be a Kevin forever! Your little friends, Dexter & Louis x

  9. What was that band around your tummy about? We've never seen anything like it on a healthy male dog. Or female dog, come to that.

    Do they have doggie daycare in France? Maybe it would take the edge off if you were able to do that once or twice a week, preferably with a mature adult Dane or other large breed.

    Jed & Abby

  10. Oh Lincoln,
    you are so nice in trousers!!!
    I like the way you run in the field, you are showing your happiness so clearly!
    But best of all I like the end, when you take the toy to your human to gain access to the sofa!!!
    Lucky you that it works, it does not work here sigh... :(
    Ciao Lucille

  11. Nice video! Looks like Lincoln has a lot of fun when with his humans:) Hope you get to resolve the alone time.