I don't know how to drink !

Yes, I'm not telling a joke here : I REALLY don't know how to drink !

Let me explain; instead of drinking the water catching it with my tongue, I just put my head into the water bowl and just open and close my mouth!

Results : there's water everywhere in the house except in my stomach!
Well, after my humans gave me 3 entire bowls of water I guess I manage to catch some of it, but still - it is quite an issue as I have and always had regular problems when it come to ahem-- doing the wee! The vet says it's because I don't drink enough - even though I always have fresh water in the house it is true I don't go to my water bowl very often on my own. (except when we go for a walk! I'm the BIGGEST drinker on earth then!)

The Big Tongue Gang after a massive walk !

But guess what ? Every time I start drinking, everyone starts laughing and making fun of me !! Not only my furry buddies but also their humans ! I can hear them - it's so embarrassing. My humans thought it was a great dane thing but my great dane friends just drink like normal dogs. Is there some of you here using my technique ?

Here the normal drinking technique :

Here's mine :

As you can see, no tongue out - and almost no water gone from the bowl ( except the water I drop on the floor !! ) ;-)

I guess asking about tips would be silly as no one could really "teach me" how to drink.
But eh, I feel good talking about it and I know YOU - my dear blog friend - are not going to laugh at my problem.

oh, come on !)


  1. Lincoln sorry we did laugh , I know slap paws. Don't worry my ears go in the water bowl and if that isn't bad enough they get into my food bowl too. You are not alone in problem land!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Where is your problem?
    I also drink water in this way and it's great!
    Also a make bubbles with my nose!!!

    Slobbers Rosa

  3. Je connaissais un chien amputé d'une partie de sa langue (a cause de chenilles processionnaires :-( ) qui buvait également comme ça.

    Comme toi, Lincoln, il n'arrivait pas vraiment à boire et ses humains lui ont acheté une fontaine à eau comme celle ci
    et depuis, plus de problème pour boire ! (la fontaine tourne en cycle fermé donc pas de gaspillage d'eau !)

    Peut être est la solution pour toi aussi?

    Bisous baveux



    1. Hahaha Je pense qu'avec une fontaine ca ferait une super video Before/After!!! Trop bonne idee Echo!
      En tout cas on a bien rigole! Nos danois n'ont pas de probleme pour boire (les flaques d'eau c'est autre chose...) par contre Malach ne voit pas l'eau, donc quand il a soif il avance d'abord ca tete dans l'ecuelle jusqu'a toucher l'eau puis se met a boire, et quand il est presse ca lui arrive d'y mettre toute la tete!
      Bisous baveux!

  4. heheheh Oh Lincoln! hehehe. Darwin does use her tongue and makes just as big of a mess (and as much noise).

  5. Oh dear lincoln, you do try your best!!!


  6. Howdy Lincoln, well you sound just like I do and you leave a coating of slimey slobber on top of the water and that's the same too. I must admit, I do like a big drink and mum is always topping up our water bowl. Don't worry mate, you must be drinking enough cause you are a healthy boy aren't you! No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  7. Hmmm... I don't see any problem Lincoln. I think you are doing fine. :-)

    Hope all is well.


  8. Oh gee, the vet says you should drink more water then it means you'd have to weez more.
    If you eat kibble for dinner you can try adding half a cup to one cup of water to your food and it'll soak it up and you'd be getting some water in your diet. Do you like cucumbers? I don't drink enough water too so mom adds chopped cucumbers to my food.

  9. Hi Lincoln,

    I enjoy your blog, so I have awarded you the Sunshine Award!

    your pal,

  10. Dear Lincoln,
    The humans laugh at me all the time too. I think there is something wrong with them. Do not worry, I think your furry buddies are just jealous.

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