Sorry it took me sooooo long to post the results on my blog ! Loads of changes in our lives, but I am OK and that's what's important after all. We are all happy now.

So here it is... because you've been waiting for too long, I've decided I'd pick 2 winners instead of one ! Plus, as I promised you, I'll sent a postcard from France to EVERY pawticipant ! 

So, we put the names in a bowl ( one paper for one picture) and my human randomly picked two papers. I was there to make sure there was no cheating ! You never know with those two-legged... 
Here's a little video so you can see I checked it all !

( YES, Lincoln IS trying to EAT the papers with the names... oh dear. )
( sorry for the add  right in the middle of the video, just could not make our usual video editor work so had to quickly find something on the internet )

Well done guys !!!
BRAVO LES MECS ! (in French) 


Here are the wonderful entries to my FRENCH CRAZE CONTEST:

He chose the world "Joie" : Happiness. As you can see, one of his favourite thing is to have fun in the mud ! Haha :-) I love it too !


She chose the world Amour : Love!
How cute is this picture ! Hugs to you Milka !

Baylor chose to use " le mien" which means "mine!" ! I love his face. Roaaaarrrrr ! How impressive Baylor !
He also added " Alerte, alerte" to his picture, which of course means Alert! Alert! " 


They chose the world "nourriture" which as you can see means " FOOD!" and I get why !
FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Food is my favorite thing!


Here's Sasha's entry ! I love Sasha, I think she looks beautiful!
She chose the world "Lunette" and "Livre" which means "Glasses" and "book"! 


She chose the world "nourriture" : "food!"
Look at what she has to wear when she eats! OMD isn't it SOOOO cute ? I love it!!!


Bubba !
He chose the world Joie! (Happiness) I bet you can see why!
Which I could come and play with you Bubba !

Here are Sampson's beautiful two pictures!
He used the world "Joie" (Happiness). I bet I'd be very happy too if I could be there with him and run free in this beautiful landscape !


Priceless ! Don't you agree?
He chose " Le visage de la folie" : "The face of crazyness"
Look at those wrinkles !!!!!

Lassiter and Benji chose the world "Livre" : as you can see it means "Book" !
If you look carefully, you will see they are holding their very own books : Lassiter holds "Horray for Lassie", and Benjamin holds "Benjy's Dog House" ! How cute!


Emma and Bella chose "Amour" : "Love"
You can see those two do love each other very much :)
I love this picture !


Dusty and Lucy chose "AmitiƩ " : "Friendship"
I could not think of a better picture to describe this world.


My friend Rory chose the world "Sauter" : "Jump"
Indeed, Rory can jump veeeeeery high! Great danes jumps can be impressive - and I know what I'm talking about :D hee hee

Love your moves Rory !


Honey chose " Dragon Cracheur de Feu" which means " Fire-breathing Dragon" !
I love the colours and I think this picture is gorgeous ! I have to say, Honey, you make a very cool dragon :)


The cute Emma chose the word "Mer": "Sea"
She looks like she enjoys it ! I do too - Going to the beach is one of my favorite thing ever !


The Pea chose the world "Mode" : "Fashion"
Isn't she beautiful ? I love your scarf, The Pea. And I think you make
a very gorgeous model ! 


And last but not least, my little friend Stella chose the world "courir" : " run "
I love the fluffly flying ears Stella ! Bet you know how to run with a big bro such as Rory ! hee hee


A big thank you to every participant ! I loved every picture you sent me !

You'll all get a postcard so check your emails as I'm gonna need snail mail adresses !
(or send it to me directly :

Love you loads !



  1. Wow what amazing entries you had and thank you so much for holding such a cool contest.

  2. O we are glad everyone is alright and things are back to normal - we hope everything was alright :)

    We are very sad we missed the contest, BUT those are some amazing entries! Well done to the winners :)

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. That was a fun contest. Congrats to the winners:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  4. Congratulations to the two winners! Glad to see everything's ok and you're back and blogging again.

  5. Howdy Lincoln, we loved your competition and congratulations to the winners! All the photos were fab! Take care beautiful. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Woohoo, what AWESOME entries, congrats to the winners, Mum will email over our address now!


  7. Congratulations to the winners! That was a pawsome contest!!!

  8. Oh - I am so late and catching up as usual! ;-)

    Congratulations to the winners - and thank you, Lincoln, for hosting this great contest! I am really looking forward now to French Craze 3! :-)

    I will tell my human to email our address now...

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. ps. I forgot to add - I am so happy to see you back in Blogland and I am glad to hear that things are settling down for you. We know all about difficult life changes!!!


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