Change is always for the better

Change is always for the better, that's what I've heard and I hope it's true.

I told you our life had been a bit hectic during the last months, and we though it was coming to an end but it was actually just starting. My humans are finally spliting up for real and one of them is going to live in Paris and so I'm going to stay here in Bordeaux with Laura.

We have until the end of august to find a new flat and move into it... and as Laura is still studying at uni we're going to be living in a tiny flat so Laura is all stressy about it because she's also going to have to do extra hours of work to get enough money to pay for everything + it comes at the worse time for her as she's entering in september her last year of study and in top of everything else she also has to write her end of study report ! Oh dear.

I'm tired already! 
Well, I've always been living in a flat so that's OK, it's gonna be a smaller one but I told Laura I was sure I'd settle in very well. It's not because I'm a Great Dane that I need a panthouse, right ? What worries Laura is that although I've been used to stay on my own a few hours during the day, I'm going to have to stay on my own a bit more then. I told her no problem! I'm gonna be a good boy, and we'll just go on bigger walks and on the weekend I'll go and play in the countryside with my furiends as often as we will be able to!

My sissy the cat is going to live in Paris with my other human and my brother the cat is going to go on a little vacation at Laura's mum's house until we (Laura and I) are settled in properly.

So I'm sorry if I do not leave comments on your blog as soon and as much as I would normally, but it's just going to be a few busy months coming up. I'll catch up as soon as possible !

See ya my furiends !


  1. Changes are never easy but everything happens for a reason so we know you will all be fine - big huggies to you all

  2. Lincoln, we are sorry to hear of all the changes, but we hope all goes well and things settle down soon. Hugs to all of you from us.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  3. Oh no! that's a real shame Lincoln! I hope you and your human mommy are okay and aren't too sad! It must be so difficult!
    We hope you find a new flat very very soon!
    Lots of love from the UK,
    Indigo & Cie

  4. We feel for you , that is so sad. Lincoln you look sad in your last pic. We are sending positive vibes to you all . Keep us updated.
    Best wishes Moll

  5. Salut Lincoln! Yes change can be a very good thing..its just a bit tricky when it first starts..wishing you and your human luck in your new home and adventures..maybe you'll have new doggie loving neighbours who you'll get to know. If its the last study year there is not long to go and think of all those student holiday times you will beable to hang out with your human. Good luck et bon courage..Zola x

  6. Moving is super stressful and has never been any fun for me. I hope finding a lovely new flat is easier than expected!

  7. Hi Lincoln, sorry to hear about your difficult times. Special hugs to you all. We have paws crossed you will find a new flat, Laura's study goes well and then you can relax. We know you will be a good boy Lincoln. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. It happens that life gets in the way.

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. Hi Lincoln,

    Change can be difficult, but we'll be thinking about you and hoping that you and Laura adjust quickly to your new surroundings and different schedule. I'm sure you are a huge source of comfort to her right now.

    your pal,

  10. Coucou Lincoln,

    Nous sommes désolé d'apprendre pour tes humains et j'espère que tout ce passera bien pour ce nouveau départ avec ton humaine !!

    Bisous baveux.

    Echo et Link

  11. Hi Lincoln,
    I am so sorry to come back to visit you and to find such a sad face...
    Well, you know, when humans don't love eachother anymore there is not much we can do... just stay close to Laura and be a good boy. Everything will pass and she will come back to be the smiling owner you remember!
    I am sure you will both find a great flat - even if smaller!
    Every piece will follow into place sooner than you expect!
    A big hug!
    Lucille (& Nicoletta)

  12. We will all be here when you get back, best of luck!

    Dante, Daisy Boo & Sampson

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  14. I just found your blog. I hope that you are ok. You know my humans split up too and my Mummy was very worried about leaving me home. I had a brother too then. We did ok and now I live on my own with my Mummy and a new Daddy. My new Daddy is the best ever. Good luck to you and your Mum and I hope that your brother Cat is back soon too.
    Max @GreatDaneWales